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My mission in life is to help you DISCOVER your talents and USE THEM everyday to be your truest and best self… while achieving more success.

Success as defined by YOU.  We all have different criteria for success. As a heart-centered person, I realized my goals come from the inside not the outside.  Sometimes that is not easy in our world today.  But it is possible!  

Who I work with

  • Sensitive, soulful women who are unsure about how to use their talents in a bigger way .

  • People that feel called to live a purpose-filled life and find their vocation.

  • Change-makers and light-shiners who want to use their gifts to better the world.

  • Heart-centered entrepreneurs looking for a fresh and creative way to build their business.

  • Closet rock stars---People with AWESOME ideas they want to manifest but don't know where to start ( so never do!)

What can I do for you?

I help shine a light on possibilities and opportunities you may not see. I help you to tap into your unique strengths and talents and use them in your work or your business to achieve more fulfillment and success.

I can help you to step into your power, stop focusing on your weaknesses and KNOW YOUR VALUE.  So you can move forward without fear and more confidence.   And... I will gently remind you that your gifts are meant to be shared with the world and not hidden away!

I am a certified coach and facilitator with over 20 years of experience helping people to step into their talents, know their value and reach levels of success they didn't know were possible. 

I love to make deep relationships and offer individual coaching and small group circles.  Contact me to learn how you can discover your unique superpowers to achieve more meaning, money, and fulfillment in your life and career.

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Lisa is a social entrepreneur that loves to help people unleash their unique gifts and talents to better the world. Whether it is through coaching people to launch careers or businesses, leading empowerment circles to help people feel comfortable being their truest selves or working with social organizations to maximize their impact--she is dedicated to helping people do well by doing good.

She brings over 25 years of experience and knowledge in entrepreneurship, employment and career management consulting, personal development coaching and organizational training. She founded  Pinnacle Career ResourcesThe Pinnacle Empowerment Center and The Launch Studio to help people from all walks of life achieve bigger and better things than they had ever imagined.

She holds a B.A. Degree in Social Psychology and Business Management, and is a Gallup Trained Strengths Coach, Certified Career Management Consultant, Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, Certified Brain-Based Success Coach and Licensed Right-Brain Business Plan Facilitator. Lisa is currently a Fellow at the Community Engagement Institute in Washington D.C.

Lisa is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who facilitates Empowerment Circles, Retreats and Workshops that will empower women of all ages and walks of life! 

When she isn’t helping to excavate human potential she can be found by the beach restoring with her family.