Hi I'm Lisa Dolce and I help sensitive, soulful people come out of hiding, unleash their unique gifts and talents AND feel comfortable shining their light so they can launch successful careers and businesses.



My Entrepreneurial Beginnings...

I was raised by some amazing entrepreneurial women who gave me the gift of believing I can do anything in this world. 
And I want to share that gift with you!  

I got a taste of entrepreneurship when I was only 10 years old working on my Mom’s hot dog truck in New York.  She was a pioneer, starting her own business in a very competitive male-dominated industry and bringing her unique flavor and style (and homemade sauces!) to build a popular and prosperous business. I LOVED the days when I could go with her.  Seeing her mix her love of cooking and passion for taking care of others, doing it all on her own terms while making a good living –it was a recipe for success that I hoped I could create one day as well. That someday FINALLY came after drudging through working for someone else for many years.

I PITCHED that idea, DUSTED OFF my old dreams and began on an EXCITING and ECLECTIC entrepreneurial journey from making gift baskets to creating a very successful career management company that in less than a year grew from 0 to 6 figures and empowered thousands of people to realize their own career dreams.

I’ve always been passionate about helping women, especially sensitive heart-centered women who want to become their own CEO and share their talents and gifts with the world through entrepreneurship. Even though my mother is no longer with us, I can still hear her wonderful voice in my ear saying “You can do this”.   She’s helping me launch brand-new futures for women entrepreneurs who are following in her footsteps as they create thriving businesses of their own. Looking the status quo in the face and believing they can do better. Listening to their inner spark and reaching high and fast for their dreams.  I am so happy  to be a guide and a mentor to others as she was for me.

People I love to work with:

  • Women who want to be in charge of their own destiny and make an impact in the world.
  • Sensitive, soulful entrepreneurs that need some help getting their great idea, service or product out into the world.
  • Freedom seeking  HSP's that don't fit into the traditional world-of -work and want to explore self-employment.
  • Right-Brain entrepreneurs who need help with left-brain details.
  • Introverts who cringe at the idea of branding and marketing themselves.
  • Solo-preneurs feeling isolated and in need of guidance, support, accountability and a like-minded community.
  • Closet rock stars and armchair adventure- seekers ... yeah you know who you are :)

Let’s put wings on that business idea. You can do this!

The Professional Side

Lisa is a social entrepreneur that loves to help people unleash their unique gifts and talents to better the world. 

Whether it is through coaching people to launch careers or businesses, leading empowerment circles to help people feel comfortable being their truest selves or working with social organizations to maximize their impact--she is dedicated to helping people do well by doing good.

She brings over 25 years of experience and knowledge in entrepreneurship, employment and career management consulting, personal development coaching and organizational training. She founded  Pinnacle Career Resources The Pinnacle Empowerment Center and The Launch Studio to help people from all walks of life achieve bigger and better things than they had ever imagined.

She holds a B.A. Degree in Social Psychology and Business Management, and is a Gallup Trained Strengths Coach, Certified Career Management Consultant, Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, Certified Brain-Based Success Coach and Licensed Right-Brain Business Plan Facilitator.