Start your own Empowerment Circle

From the time I was a small child, I witnessed my mother and circles of women gathering around our kitchen table. They came from all walks of life and for different reasons. Some were having trouble in their marriage, some were having financial problems or others were just weary of life and needed a good friend and a hot cup of tea to make it through their day.

Whatever it was, they walked in with heavy hearts and shrugged shoulders but always left with a renewed spirit and their heads held high, realizing they were powerful and not powerless.

I watched as a wide-eyed kid, the transformation that would take place. Women who felt beaten down were rising up, believing in themselves and getting the courage to take their place in this world.  It was an amazing thing to witness.

I’ve continued this sacred work as a coach and a facilitator, and can help bring women together in your church, your community or your organization!

Praise for the Empowerment Circle…

This was the first time I really felt heard for the first time in my life.
“My biggest takeway is I am learning that I am not a lemon that needs to be fixed!
I am now making decisions from a place of hope and the inner resources that I have
I am grateful to find a community where I can just be myself—sensitivity and all!
I enjoyed the laughter, the support and the true understanding everyone had in the group for each other