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Where sensitive, soulful people come out of hiding, unleash their unique gifts and talents and
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Hi There! I’m Lisa Dolce, Strengths Coach and Business Mentor to heart-centered and sensitive entrepreneurs like you. 

Some of us entrepreneurs just don't feel like we fit into the traditional business mold!!  We are driven to help others and make our slice of the world a better place. We have a DOUBLE BOTTOM-LINE: making an impact  AND making a profit.

Some of us may prefer creating to self-promoting or empowering others rather than being in the spotlight. Many of us have so many ideas we don't know where to start!  Others of us are just playing too small and not getting our much needed gifts and talents out in this world.

I am here to tell you YOU ARE NEEDED and that it is safe to leave your overwhelm,  and your fear of stepping out at the door. You don’t need them here. I will show you how to step into a new vision for yourself and your business—one where you’re energized, free to dream big and listening to that inner voice that says, “You can do this!” 

My gift to you! Free e-book " Your Seven Sensitive Superpowers for Business Success" 

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Taking the next step can be the hardest part.  

It's time to stop hiding your light!

Heart-centered entrepreneurs are the light -shiners in this world. As your coach and mentor, I’m here to stand by your side and be a part of this journey with you—you don’t have to do it alone.

Let me light the way for you!


Micaela redesigned her pricing system so she could charge more with confidence!

Micaela Folsom Owner at Arete Bookkeeping

Micaela Folsom
Owner at Arete Bookkeeping

“I was stuck in a mindset that was limiting my potential and the growth of my business, and Lisa helped me see new possibilities. She helped me realize my strengths and what made my business unique. This allowed me to re-brand my services in a way that was not only easier to sell but allowed me to charge more without hesitation. With Lisa's help, I developed a different way to approach new clients that gave both my client and I more clarity about our relationship. We also redesigned my pricing system from an hourly rate to a flat rate system, allowing me to provide better service to my customers while at the same time improved my financial outlook. My experience in working with Lisa has been fun, inspiring, and energizing. Lisa is unique in that she is understands where I am in my business without judgement and helps me to see the future in a different light. Many business coaches focus on just the numbers but Lisa focuses on the person and how to help them grow professionally and personally.”


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