Perfectionism-The Dream Killer

For some of us heart-centered entrepreneurs that are highly sensitive, perfectionism seems to go hand-in-hand. Our sensitivity to subtle details and our great visionary, planning and fine-tuning ability are a great strength.  Many of us are overachievers and set the bar very high in all that we do.  So high that we tend to get stuck in fine-tuning and tweaking mode and never get our great work out into the world.

I know this first hand and had to find the “sweet spot” between my desire to have everything perfect and completing something that I thought would be of great value to my fellow sensitive entrepreneurs.

I’ve been working on a book for almost a year (a lifelong dream) and with a deadline looming; I went into analysis paralysis and talked myself out of finishing it. My perfectionist voice reared its ugly and powerful head and said “This is not good enough”, "No one will read this!" or worse “it is going to be an epic fail!”  Basically fear set in which turns into overwhelm for us sensitive types.

So I stopped and abandoned the idea after all of that hard work …until a friend read my draft and said “what are you crazy, this can help so many people!!, and reminded me this was not about being perfect; but about showing up and sharing my gifts with the world. Gifts that could really make a difference in someone else’s life.

With that, my mission driven heart-centered entrepreneur side kicked into gear and told my perfectionist to step aside because there was some important work to be done. With a looming deadline and a “I am just going to show up and see what happens” attitude, I took a chapter from the book and made a simple little e-book (not the perfect “real” book I envisioned), with no attachments to the outcome other than to just share it. I’ve had lovely notes from people who said it helped them and that they even shared it with their kids and their friends! It also has started some great discussions about what it is like to be a highly sensitive entrepreneur that really is the gift in all of this.

The lessons here:

~        As a heart-centered entrepreneur, let your strong sense of mission pull you out of overthinking.

~        It does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be shared.

~        It could be as easy as just showing up.

As heart-centered entrepreneurs, our biggest goal is to connect with others that need us and make an impact in some way.  Yes, it is easy to stay in our comfort zone but life really is more rewarding when we get to share our gifts with others. And we can’t do that if we let perfectionism guide our way.

So where is your need for perfection holding you and your gifts back from making a difference in someone’s life?  And what if it was as easy as just showing up to get them out there?

           **This post was previously posted int he Right Brain Business Plan**