Being a Heart Centered Entrepreneur


It’s ok to Zag While Everyone else is Zigging.

For my inaugural blog post, I was wondering what I should write about. Should I do some quick tips on how to start a business or maybe some keys to long term success of running your own business?  While these topics are important, I want to start out with the most important thing I think you need to do to be a successful heart-centered entrepreneur—and that is Just Be You.  

Heart -Centered Entrepreneurs are a unique breed.  We are passionate, creative, non-conforming, want -to-do -it our own way change -the-world kind of people.  We are mission driven and have a double-bottom line: impact and profit.  

To be truly successful as a heart-centered business owner you need to wave that flag high and bright. We are rule-breakers and come up with the most innovative ideas, services and beautiful creations that transform the way people think and live.  

So while sometimes as more heart-centered entrepreneurs, we feel we have to follow what other people are doing in the traditional business world and often second guess some of our crazy ideas and methods—don't! Be the most authentic you, YOU can be.  Share your passion and your mission, make those deeper connections to those you serve---it will immediately set you apart so that those who really need you the most can find you.

Staying true to who you are and why you are doing it will not only be a helpful guide as you start your business but will serve as an anchor so you can grow and sustain a successful and profitable business that continues to have a positive impact on others.

So while everyone else is zigging—feel free to zag. Wear your passion proudly and follow that dream and those brilliant ideas and see where they go . This world needs us zaggers more than ever before. So go forth and wave that Zag Flag!

P.S. Stay tuned for some real-life success stories of some amazing HCE's and the great work they are doing AND some not-so-conventional business ideas and strategies to start and grow your own heart-centered business!

To waving our Zag Flag together,

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