Calling all HSP's. I'm coming out of hiding...Will you join me?

So I have been tip toeing around this topic for a while now. I feel it is important, particularly in this moment in time, for me to fully step out of my comfort zone and declare--I AM A HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON. This may not come as a surprise to those of you who know me well, but for many others it will.  I've been planning my "coming-out" party for a long time --about 10 years.  But something always held me back from truly embracing my whole sensitive self.


Because I've always looked at it as a weakness.  Something that made me feel different from everybody else.  I was always the "sensitive one" in the family. The one who cried a lot, felt awful when someone was in pain or upset and hated any kind of confrontation. I was very shy and lived more in the background, letting the more boisterous and assertive family members and friends be in the forefront.  Often letting others speak up for me.

Quite honestly, I was afraid of the world.  Or at least how the world would perceive me if I called attention to myself.  I stayed in the comfort of my safe zone.  

It worked for a while but I always had competing feelings. There was a part of me that also WANTED THE ATTENTION and TO BE SEEN and HEARD.  I also felt a very strong tug that I had something really amazing to offer the world.

But I just couldn't get myself to step out in a bigger way until...

About ten years ago, I was meandering through a bookstore and discovered a book called "The Highly Sensitive Person" by Elaine Aron.  As I paged through it, it instantly captivated me. I remember sitting down on the floor in the middle of the book aisle and just reading page after page screaming in my head" This is me!!, This is me!!"  I have no idea how long I was sitting on that floor but I knew I had just received a gift from above that would change the way I thought about myself forever.

And that gift was that I learned my sensitivity was not my greatest weakness but my greatest strength. It was not a curse to be ashamed of or hide but rather a blessing. A divine gift that I was chosen to receive so that I could do some very special things in this world.

I also learned that I was not alone. There were more of us.  According to Elaine Aron and her research, we beautiful sensitive souls make up 15 to 20 percent of the population. And yes we certainly are wired differently than the other 80% of the population. We have highly receptive nervous systems and sense and feel things stronger and deeper.

Because we experience life more intensely, many of us tend to hang back and think we could never compete with the louder, more assertive, risk taking people.  And sadly we stay hidden and never get our much needed talents out in the world.  

And one of our greatest talents we have as an HSP, is making a difference in others lives. We are the inventors, the healers, the counselors, the artists, the writers, the teachers, the philosophers, the advisers and so much more.

Can you imagine if we truly unleashed all of our potential the impact we could make? In others lives? In the world?

And how truly happy and satisfied WE would feel!

If you are a fellow HSP---it is time to come out of hiding.  You are needed more than ever before.

My hope and mission is to share what I have learned as I have embraced my sensitivity and learned how to come out of my own cocoon. Most important, I want to share with you, how  you can use your sensitivity as your SUPERPOWER to be successful in life and work.  

So will you come with me on this wonderful journey? It will be so much easier and more fun if we can do it together. We don't have to go it alone anymore.

If you are a highly sensitive person, comment below or on my Facebook page and let me know. Let's learn together how to be comfortable in our own sensitive skins, so we can share our beautiful divine gifts and much needed talents with the world!

Until then remember, you are not meant to fit in with the other 80% of the world but brilliantly stand out in your own sensitive way.  

PS. Are wondering if you are a highly sensitive person? Take Elaine Aron's assessment at Learn more about this wonderful trait there too :)