Feeling bullied as a Highly Sensitive Person...Use Your Sensitive Superpowers

I recently received a legal nasty gram and I was aghast as I read this overly strong legal letter with paragraphs full of demands and words like substantial damage and injury.  As a highly sensitive person, I process things more deeply. So many feelings swirling as I felt my integrity and authenticity being attacked!  Values I hold dearly in how I show up in this world.  

I felt bullied, and as many highly sensitive people do, like to run far away from any confrontation as it evokes strong emotion. When I was a child, I found it extremely hard to speak up even though sometimes I knew I was not in the wrong.  In this case, I did not believe I was wrong either. I had two choices:  I could continue to feel crappy or I could choose to lean into my sensitive gifts and speak up.

I chose the latter...

According to Elaine Aron, who coined the term “highly sensitive person” and a pioneer in this field, the ability to process things more deeply actually helps us to see the "big picture" in a situation.  “Happily, this ability to see the "big picture" is our specialty as HSPs. The more we process something, the more we put it in the context of our other knowledge and experiences.”

I consulted with an attorney and learned valuable information about trademark law.  I also learned what my rights were in this situation.  Looking at the "big picture", I also see how this knowledge will serve me well in the future.

As we put ourselves out there in the world, there are going to be situations that come up that are confrontational--you don't have to run from them. Lean into your sensitive superpowers and use the situation to grow and not shrink. 

You can still feel deeply and have your voice heard.