It is Time to Emerge from the Shadows!

At this moment in history, the voices and unique skills of highly sensitive people are needed more than ever.

Dr. Elaine Aron, who wrote the groundbreaking book “The Highly Sensitive Person”, describes people like you and me as the “royal advisor class.”  She explains that we are the creators, the explorers, and the peaceful protectors of society.  

We are the voices of reason, empathetic to the needs around us and have the wonderful ability to see the big picture.  We also have the gift of being able to pause and reflect before acting—something many others in our culture do not seem to possess. Dr. Aron calls these folks the “warrior kings”.

The “warrior kings”, as she explains, are the people who want to conquer everything.  I don't know about you but all I hear lately are the voices of the “warrior kings”!  Played over and over in the news, on social media, in corporate meetings, in our communities. They seem to be the loudest voices.

Where are our voices?

We are some of society’s greatest and most respected teachers, artists, healers, counselors, writers, spiritual leaders, and social entrepreneurs.

But many of us remain silent.  Myself included.


Maybe because we are in the minority?  From a numbers perspective, we are only 20% of the population.  So we may think, how can we possibly be heard over the cacophony of the warrior kings?  We also feel and process things more deeply than others, so some of us shy away from debates, conflict and pressure filled conversations and environments.

But… here’s the thing.  We are the light -shiners in this world.  We have MANY GIFTS TO SHARE!!!  We are the innovators, the peace keepers and the empowering forces.  We are dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. As a sensitive entrepreneur, I know I started my own business to have a voice and to empower others.

So let’s stop hiding!  Let’s join together and use our soft voices to be the balance that is needed.  We are built for the light-shining this world needs RIGHT NOW.


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