The Sensitive Entrepreneur--You are Needed!

As a highly sensitive person AND a business owner.....Do any of the following sound familiar? 

• You feel and process things more deeply than most people.
• You tend to soak up the energy in your environment like a sponge.
• You have exceptional empathy for others.
• You’ve got keen intuition and the ability to envision the future.
• You think of your business as a natural extension of your soul’s purpose.
• You want to use your gifts to transform people’s lives and better the world.

If you answered yes to all the above, you are a sensitive entrepreneur.   Welcome to the club.

Only about 20% of people in the world identify with these descriptions. It wasn’t until 1996, when Dr. Elaine Aron wrote the groundbreaking book “The Highly Sensitive Person” and coined the term the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) , that our unique skills and behaviors were classified as in a league of their own.

In her book, Aron describes HSPs like you and me as the “royal advisor class.” She explains that we are the creators, explorers, and protectors of society.
As an HSP-turned-entrepreneur, I hope to take Aron’s work one step further. Because I know that when we start soul-centered businesses, we act as light-shiners in the world.

At this moment in history, the voices and services of sensitive entrepreneurs are needed more than ever. And we desperately WANT to make an impact—that’s why we started businesses in the first place!!!

But the truth is? Most of us shy away from the limelight.

Which means we inadvertently hide our gifts from those who need us most.

That’s because being a sensitive entrepreneur includes some unique challenges:

• You tire out more easily than the other 80% and need lots of downtime.
• You tend to be quiet and avoid situations with sensory overload.
• You question the material value of your skills.
• You have a greater fear of being judged or criticized.
• You feel like you must be like everyone else to fit in.

And how could you not feel that way??

We live in a world that doesn’t fully understand or appreciate people like you and me—yet.

Your sensitivity is not your weakness.

I repeat: It’s NOT a weakness.

As a sensitive entrepreneur, your sensitivity is your greatest strength.
Unlike 80% of the world’s population, you have a set of superpowers that can make a deep and lasting impact on the world.

Here are just a few:

• Powerful vision and intuition. We can reach into the future and see what is possible when others cannot.
• Immense creativity. We are known as the “mothers (and fathers) of invention”. HSP’s come up with the most innovative ideas, services and products that can transform the way people work and live.
• Ability to develop deep relationships. We can connect with people on a much deeper level, creating great trust and intimacy.

Some of society’s greatest and most respected teachers, artists, healers, counselors, writers, spiritual leaders, and social entrepreneurs are HSPs just like you and me.

Embrace your role as a sensitive entrepreneur. Use it to shed light on goodness and beauty and what is possible in this world.

Remember, people are looking for the light shiners right now. They are looking for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

This is time for us to emerge from the shadows.

Because you are needed. And you are enough.