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The Shining Stars of Jennifer Lee's 2016 Right Brain Business Planning Retreat

The Shining Stars of Jennifer Lee's 2016 Right Brain Business Planning Retreat


What a way to start the year!

Earlier this year I had the AMAZING opportunity to retreat with my mentorship group and mentor extraordinaire Jennifer Lee, founder and author of the The Right Brain Business Plan.

Three days filled with deep reflection and connection with a soulful group of women that held some powerful sacred space for me to go deep and really tap into why I became an entrepreneur and how I want to show up in this world.

Here are a few golden nuggets I wanted to share with you as co-journeyers on this wonderful entrepreneurial path:

1. Being in community with like-minded women is critical to your success. 

You need people that get you—all of you.  As a heart-centered entrepreneur I sometimes feel like I don't fit into traditional networking or business development groups.  While it’s great to talk numbers and dollars, that is not what drives me.  I am on a bigger mission—I want to make a meaningful impact in this world and I want to surround myself with people who want to do the same.  Find your tribe—the connectedness will fuel you and the support will propel you forward! It helps to have a support net so you can put yourself out there in a bigger way.

It’s scary to step out of your comfort zone!  But as we know, there is no growth without doing so. And if you want to keep evolving to the next level personally and professionally, it is necessary. So having a group that will cast a big wide net out to make you feel safe as you take your next leap of faith, will help you put yourself out there in a bigger and more stress-free way.

2. An antidote to "analysis paralysis"

Are you an over-thinker like me??? Good golly, if you could see my desk right now with all of my post-it notes of ideas that I can ruminate over for days, weeks or months.  Having my mentorship group give me a gentle "kick-in-the-pants" has helped me move into action on making my biggest dreams a reality.

3. External validation—yes you do need it and it’s ok to want it!

As solopreneurs we often work in isolation and have no one to pat us on the back and say you are doing an awesome job.  And we REALLY need that, especially when we are starting something new or entering some unchartered territory for the first time in our businesses. You need people to help water those new ideas not step on them. So it’s totally o.k. to have a cheering squad ( pom-poms and all!) to say “you can do this”!!!

I am so grateful for these beautiful women in my life, as well as the women I meet everyday in my coaching practice that inspire me, to be a better me, so hopefully I can make the world just a little better too.  

So where can you gather and experience the power of like-minded women?

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