Elizabeth participated in a Full Day VIP Launch Intensive. Here's what she had to say...

Elizabeth Hope Derby    Creative Storyteller

Elizabeth Hope Derby
Creative Storyteller

"As a creative type with a corporate background, I understand the value of working with a coach who can provide big-picture perspective and smart strategies for moving the needle on my business. But in the past, I've been disappointed by one-size-fits-all suggestions that don't take my personal strengths and weaknesses into account. (When you're a sole proprietor, your weaknesses can easily stunt or kill your biz!)

Lisa not only provided an introductory survey that was FAR more comprehensive than any I've seen in the past, her approach was totally refreshing and aligned with my right-brained way of thinking. Our session began before I even walked into the room because I got so much clarity just from answering those initial questions.

Our in-person meeting was a total delight. Lisa is energetic, personable and perceptive, capable of leading you to clarity without dragging you through the mud of self doubt or angst. I felt very supported and heard by her; she even had colorful markers and butcher paper to help me mind map and untangle my complex and scattered vision for the future. Best of all, I emerged from our session with refreshed confidence in my future, simple, tangible, and APPEALING next steps to kickstart growth, and the belief that I found a true thought partner who brings the whole me into the conversion. I can't wait to work with her again!!"